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Business & Social Etiquette

Etiquette lessons are not just for characters in Edith Wharton novels. Knowing the rules of polite behavior gives you the advantage over people who don't know them. Dick Blake provides training in business etiquette and social etiquette. Count on him to help you feel confident in a conference room or a restaurant dining room.  Classes can be scheduled for individuals, groups or families.

Business Etiquette

This course is designed for any professional interested in improving his/her career potential. Students learn the skills that will help them attain their professional goals and ensure success in the workplace. The course centers on marketing one's self in a positive manner.

By developing professional polish, communication, and interpersonal skills, as well as image and deportment, these goals are achieved. Dick Blake has tutored many professionals on their way to the top; and you, too, can implement some of the skills they have used to reach their professional goals.

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Dining Etiquette

Students learn proper table manners for formal and informal occasions. A formal table setting is used for demonstration and instruction. Correct usage of dishes and silverware is taught along with table, chair, and napkin etiquette. Handouts are provided that detail the rules of dining etiquette and illustrate both formal and informal table settings. In addition, handouts are provided for restaurant etiquette.

Social Etiquette

This program is designed for those who wish to be more comfortable and successful in a variety of social situations. Through knowledge gained in this course, students are able to conduct personal and professional interactions with confidence, grace, and style.

This course can be tailored to the needs and desires of the student but generally includes the proper etiquette required at social events such as dances, parties, receptions, and the theater. Instruction includes the proper way to sit, stand, and walk along with the proper way to converse socially, shake hands, and move through a receiving line.


Never lose a business or social opportunity simply based on a bad first impression. This special course will help change unconscious habits and build presence through walk, voice, gestures, and rhythm. Students learn to develop poise, polish their image, and improve body movements.

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