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  • Manners Make a Difference!

    School Programs

    “Manners Make a Difference”

    Manners Assembly

    Dick BlakeGood manners and respectful behavior are the keys to success now and in the future. Improve behavior, social awareness, respect for others, confidence and self-esteem. Through this unique and exciting assembly, students learn important life skills. Students are provided an overview of the rules of etiquette and proper social skills, interwoven with poetry and literary excerpts, to create a highly entertaining and interactive learning experience.

    After School Dance & Manners

    Dick BlakeDesigned for students in grades five through eight. Sponsored by the PTA and offered as an after school package of four weekly 45-minute classes. At an age when awkwardness and poor self-image are common, learning the basics of social dancing allows students to interact and develop self-confidence. In addition, the common social skills required when attending dances and receptions are presented.

    Parent & Child Etiquette

    Dick BlakeBring students and their families together for an extraordinary educational experience. Students (grades K-4) learn the basic rules of etiquette and proper table manners while parents share the experience and the opportunity to gain some knowledge of their own! A great PTA evening activity!

    Dining Etiquette

    Dick BlakeStudents learn proper table manners for formal and informal occasions. A formal table setting is used in the class for demonstration and instruction. Correct usage of dishes and silverware is taught along with table, chair and napkin etiquette. Handouts are provided which detail the rules of dining etiquette and illustrate formal and informal table settings. In addition, handouts are also provided for restaurant etiquette.

    Shakespeare Performed Live

    Designed to assist junior high and high school students in their comprehension of Shakespeare through a dramatic interpretation of a selection of his works. Students may also increase their appreciation of literature and live performances.

    Manners Assembly Commercial
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